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Collection 04 - European fabric collection
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  1. 29 pc
Width 35 cm
Height 40 cm

Composition of the catalog

4-K-1, Catalog from stock

A new catalog with fabrics that have proven themselves well for a long time, but are now released in a new size of 280-300 cm wide. Thanks to the new design, it was possible to significantly reduce the retail cost of fabrics. An additional plus will also be the reduction in the cost of tailoring and the simplification of the tailoring itself. Now you do not have to sew the canvases together, since the width of the fabric is 290 cm and in most cases this width is enough for any curtain.

If you have narrow windows, then you can cut the fabric into two halves and make 2 small curtains. The savings are obvious in any case. The height of the product can be made any, because it is the width of the fabric! New fabrics and new colors have been added to the new catalog. All these fabrics are included in our warehouse program and will be constantly maintained in a warehouse.

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