Cooperation offer

Our company brings to your attention collections of fabrics for textile interior design. We have a large selection of curtain fabrics, tulle, upholstery fabrics to create interiors in both classic and modern style.

The fabrics are made in China, on the most modern European equipment, as a rule, these are the latest Italian machines, which allows these fabrics to be sold at uniquely low prices. Similar fabrics from European and American collections are usually times more expensive! By design, in these collections you can find analogues of the most famous and interesting world collections of interior fabrics.

A significant part of the fabrics is in stock and can be delivered to your salon or office within one or several days. We have a large stock of lining, blackout, curtain velvet, upholstery velvet and other fabrics in stock. Delivery of fabrics that are not in stock can take from 14 to 30 business days.

We can deliver the fabric anywhere in the world.

All fabrics are produced on the most modern European equipment in compliance with all quality standards. Placing our production in Southeast Asia allows us to reduce costs, and, accordingly, prices at times!

Altamarca invites partners for cooperation: design studios, interior salons, curtain salons, architectural bureaus, furniture workshops, sewing enterprises.

We are always at your service and ready to offer the most favorable conditions:

  • Express Air Delivery is available!
  • Discount for partners Architects and designers up to 30% off recommended retail prices.
  • When purchasing sets of catalogs of all or one of the collections, the discount on collections from your catalogs increases up to 40%.
  • Catalogs are sold at cost. We do this work for you for free, for the sake of future orders!
  • Cash and non-cash payment.
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