Fabrics at wholesale

Wholesale fabrics from the manufacturerDear colleagues!

Altamarca offers you long-term cooperation on the most favorable terms for you. We carry out wholesale deliveries of fabrics for our dealers. Wholesale deliveries of fabrics do not imply an obligation to buy a certain footage or buy for a certain amount.

We carry out our activities according to the European rules of work and you can buy even 1 meter of fabric from us at a wholesale price. At the same time, these will not be European prices at all, but the quality will be quite European. After all, these fabrics are produced on the most modern equipment, with the most minimal costs. Purchasing Altamarca catalogs will allow you to reduce the cost of textile projects in some cases by several times. In our catalogs you will find a large number of fabrics from the best collections in the world. The quality of fabrics for textile design from the company "Altamarca" was positively assessed by many experts.

Assortment of textiles for design from the manufacturer

In order to meet the demand, a special program has been developed for customers who are interested in purchasing materials both in large quantities and in small wholesale. Today we offer textile collections, among which you can choose:

  • Beautiful modern tulle;
  • Affordable curtain fabrics;
  • Upholstery fabrics in different colors;
  • Durable linings and blackout
  • We focus the attention of dealers on the following point: the cost of Altamarca fabrics is many times more affordable than the price of similar materials presented on the European textile market. The reason is a well-thought-out production technology, when European equipment is used for the manufacture of materials, but the production itself has been established in the Southeast Asian region. This approach makes it possible to reduce the cost of production.

What are the principles of work with customers

Today, the company's clients are interior salons, design studios, architectural and design bureaus, curtain stores and fabric stores. Cooperation is successfully carried out thanks to the quality and range of fabrics from "Altamarca". The company's partners also appreciate the stability and speed of textile supplies.

The sufficient amount of fabrics are always in the capital warehouses of the company, which reduces the delivery time to acceptable terms, as a rule, to 1-3 days. If the desired product is not in stock, it will be delivered from the manufacturer's factory in 10-30 days. Whether the customer buys fabrics in small bulk, or the dealer purchases them in large quantities, the delivery time will be optimal in any case.

Financial aspects

Offer for dealers:

  • When buying catalogs of all collections or one specific collection, the discount for the dealer can reach 40% of the cost.
  • We deliver your orders to the transport company for free!
  • Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

Our wholesale fabric store invites new partners for profitable cooperation. The quality of execution, the quality of design, as well as the performance properties of textiles from the Altamarca collections are one of the best offers on the Asian and European markets today!

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