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Promotion from the factory! The number of sets is limited. The Classic catalogues have an increased number of pages with collections of fabrics, from the standard 4 pages to 8 pages. Therefore, there are much more fabric samples than in other catalogs. From the most popular Classic set of 4 Altamarca collections, several fabrics were removed from production. We negotiated and achieved a significant discount from the factory for this set.

This is the factory price, we do not earn money on the sale of catalogs in principle and we carry out this work solely for the sake of future orders. The cost of sets for which the discount is valid.

A set of 10 catalogues of the Classic series. All the best fabrics released in recent years are collected in this set of catalogs.

Among these fabrics there are many samples from the best collections of the world textile design. There are a lot of fabrics in the classic style. The fabrics selected here are different in composition. There are silk fabrics, a lot of fabrics with embroidery. All fabrics are selected in catalogs according to color solutions, which simplifies the work of designers and contributes to more productive work with the customer.