Vendor code MJ58
Collection 14 - Plain fabrics
Fabric density 320 g/m2
Width 145 cm
Composition 100% polyester


14-MJ58, Fireproof velvet

Non-flammable velvet which is available in 2 widths. 145 cm and 280 cm . A wide, and very beautiful, color scheme, which consists of 58 different colors. This velvet can be used for upholstery and curtains. The fabric is very soft and plastic, perfectly draped. It doesn't have any foreign odors. This velvet is originally made with the use of trevir threads, and it has no disadvantages that are inherent in fabrics with applied impregnation. This fabric is perfect for decorating public interiors, such as hotels, restaurants and other public places where strict compliance with fire safety standards is required.

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